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Glorifying the American Girl

Glorifying the American Girl (1929) It’s nice to hear Mary Eaton speak frankly to her boyfriend (a dreamy Edward Crandall) about wanting to live a little and see what she can do before settling down and raising children. He’s visibly hurt, but not petulant or […]


Rosalie (1937) Fans of Eleanor Powell will wonder how she detoured into this Jeanette MacDonald/Nelson Eddy overblown costume piece — and in the role of Jeanette MacDonald no less! Whereas delicate Jeanette would have floated through this pageant with an air of fluttering dignity, pants-wearing […]

The Clinging Vine

The Clinging Vine (1926) Something I’m learning about early Cecil B DeMille, he LIKED women. He was willing to flatter his actresses and record bold yet true emotions from them into his camera. The plots are farces, bedroom plays of cheating husbands and scheming wives […]


Fantasia (1940) The world’s top conductor Leopold Stokowski was a bit of a rock star, associated with dating Greta Garbo and jetsetting around the world. Walt Disney pioneered family entertainment with the risky, but wildly successful Snow White. The two couldn’t have been more opposite, […]

The Bliss of Mrs Blossom

The Bliss of Mrs Blossom (1968) If you don’t love Shirley MacClaine then you haven’t seen The Bliss of Mrs Blossom, a surreal skewering of marriage and conventionality. Mrs Blossom adores her stodgy workaholic husband, but also keeps a younger man hidden in the attic […]


Barberella (1968) Although based on the French sex comic of the same name, Barberella is part of a significant genre of film where an ignorant American plops into decadent and politically corrupt Europe, and amidst much destruction and upheval saves them from themselves. That the […]

Return to Oz

Return to Oz (1985) Fans of the original books beware: Disney Studios and Jim Henson’s Muppet factory go to great detail to lovingly recreate the art nouveau illustrations, but disreguard L Frank Baum’s books! Gone is clever rascal Tip, Princess Ozma’s pre-fem identity and wayward […]

What’s New Pussycat?

What’s New Pussycat? (1965) Michael James (Peter O’Toole) has got it rough. Beautiful women throw themselves at him, and despite being engaged he doesn’t have the strength to say no. His therapist Fritz Fassbender (Peter Sellers in his funniest role ever) isn’t helping, in fact […]


Metropolis (1927) director Fritz Lang writer Thea von Harbou starring Brigitte Helm In Fritz Lang’s scifi epic Metropolis, Bridget Helm stars as the saintly Maria who urges the ruling class to respect the lowly workers that keep the city functioning. As her popularity grows, the […]

Wild Wild Planet

Wild Wild Planet (1965) Criminali della galassia, I It’s go go action, when aliens disguised as fashion models start kidnapping people for a mad mad scientist, so he can conduct inhumane experiments and merge himself with the perfect woman! Augh! Yes, it’s so bad it’s […]


Sadko (1953) Sadko is a hunk of a poet with a harp, but he’s got a delima. Two girls are madly in love with him! One is a nice village girl but she has a weird pigeon habit…. The other is a Princess of the […]

Flash Gordon

Flash Gordon (1980) Another in the genre of Stupid American saves Europe from Itself, although this time (unlike Barberella) the cast is in on the joke. All except for producer Dino DeLaurentiis who was paying for a serious epic. Poor Dino, there was no way […]