Camille 2000

Camille 2000 (1969)

Radley Metzger’s stylish erotic films might be tame by today’s standards, but Camille 2000 is like champagne on valium, a swinging Euro-sex movie set to a chill bosa nova soundtrack by legendary Cinecitta composer Piero Piccioni.

Metzger once said that he treats his sex scenes like musical numbers, since they serve a very similar function within his films: visual spectacles of choreography and music. The film’s showstopper is an S&M themed orgy with gilded stockades, a jailcell and hottubs, and Paco Rabanne-inspired aluminium dresses.

Enrico Sabbatini’s sets are off the hook. Marguerite’s bedroom is a cloud of clear bubble furniture and stacked light cubes. The walls are wrapped in white industrial tiles and mirrors.