Wild Wild Planet

Wild Wild Planet (1965)
Criminali della galassia, I

It’s go go action, when aliens disguised as fashion models start kidnapping people for a mad mad scientist, so he can conduct inhumane experiments and merge himself with the perfect woman! Augh! Yes, it’s so bad it’s great. Spacemen fight with karate-chopping vixens, rockets spew fireworks, and aircars dangle on strings. The budget is so low the miniature buildings are re-used in the next scene as furniture and mod set decor.

The plot? Italians don’t need a stinkin’ plot — just a couple of futuristic cars and a lot of hair pieces! The “perfect” woman gets drunk and spews anti-feminist venom. Then after being spurned by every officer in the room, she runs headlong into a trap. Between the sexist banter men are manly: fighting and rescuing, meanwhile beautiful women pick clothes off the floor and stuff them into designer handbags.

While wrestling with an alien woman Commander Halstead shouts out, “Watch out for those gadgets on their chests!” I’m sure it’s all a metaphore for something.