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Rosalie (1937) Fans of Eleanor Powell will wonder how she detoured into this Jeanette MacDonald/Nelson Eddy overblown costume piece — and in the role of Jeanette MacDonald no less! Whereas delicate Jeanette would have floated through this pageant with an air of fluttering dignity, pants-wearing […]

The Clinging Vine

The Clinging Vine (1926) Something I’m learning about early Cecil B DeMille, he LIKED women. He was willing to flatter his actresses and record bold yet true emotions from them into his camera. The plots are farces, bedroom plays of cheating husbands and scheming wives […]

Vanishing Woman: Does sci-fi omit women, or does its fans?

When I wrote my analysis of THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL, I peeked at the user-reviews on IMDB for inspiration and direction – no need to say the same things everyone else says…. That would hardly be possible since my copy of the film […]