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Glorifying the American Girl

Glorifying the American Girl (1929) It’s nice to hear Mary Eaton speak frankly to her boyfriend (a dreamy Edward Crandall) about wanting to live a little and see what she can do before settling down and raising children. He’s visibly hurt, but not petulant or […]

The Dolly Sisters

The Dolly Sisters (1945) The Dolly Sisters bears little resemblance to the real life twins whose scandalous affairs and gambling wins made them the toast of Jazz age society and Ziegfeld’s darlings. And it’s hard to tell whether this campy musical is intentionally tongue-in-cheek or […]

The Great Ziegfeld

The Great Ziegfeld (1936) Coney Island’s sideshows had PT Barnum… Monte Carlo’s Ballet Russe had Diagalev… and Broadway had Florenz Ziegfeld Jr, a huckster, a gambler, and a womanizer of exquisite taste who introduced his signature showgirls, brought vaudeville comedians uptown, and staged elaborate productions […]

Ziegfeld Girl

Ziegfeld Girl (1941) Lana Turner, Judy Garland, and Hedy Lamarr star in this showgirl ’sploitation flick that tries to cash in on the glamor and drama of The Great Ziegfeld (it actually recycles footage from that film’s dazzling musical numbers), but ends up a chintzy […]